Music Business Company is also called record label companies, which is into the business of creating music, developing artists and then finally sell the music that is been produced by them. This music business is carried out as a small-scale business as well as a large-scale business with a lot of subsidiary company under one parent company. Departments under the Music Business Structure: A music business has a lot of departments and a lot of artists and technicians working under its business structure.

A & R Department:

The Artist & Repertoire department is the most exciting and happening department in the company since it is the department, which is responsible of discovering and grooming new talents out in the market. This department not only selects the main artists who are going to perform in the album but also selects other artists who are responsible for the production on http://jouzik.com/, selection of songs that are to be placed in the album, the location for recording the album and other related activities.

Art Department:

The art department is the one, which is responsible for all types of artwork that is done during the course of the production of the album and its video. It also includes the art works that are done to promote the album on various platforms.

Artist Development:

This department is the one that creates the brand value of the artist and the company as well. It takes care of all the promotional work of the artists and also keeps a track of their progression chart.

Business Affairs:

Every business has to have a separate and dedicated department to care of all the activities related to finance & accounts and to handle all the related operations of the business to enable smooth flow of business. This business affairs department takes care of all such activities.

Legal Department:

Business involves agreements and contracts between parties both internally and externally. All these will demand more of documentations to be formulated in a legal manner. The Legal department takes over the entire responsibility of all the legal issues that might arise in the company.

Marketing Department:
This is the most important of all the departments that leads the company in the forefront and helps it reach out to the audiences. This department takes care of all the type of promotional activity of the album produced as well as the artists performing and makes sure that both gets the best fame.

Publicity Department:

It might seem most like the marketing department, but the publicity department is required to take care of all the jobs related to placing of advertisements pertaining to the album on various platforms like newspaper, TV, Radio, posters, magazines, etc.,

Sales Department:

This department takes care of the core sales activity of the company and makes sure that the albums produced are sold out to the end user. The department has its own targets and is responsible for the revenue generation of the company.


Key Components of the Music Industry:

The representatives and executives who take care of the career development of the artist as well as the music company as a whole. The legal Advisors who help out in smooth negotiation between parties and in the proper documentation of the contacts and agreements.The recording rights owner of the album who has the exclusive right to promote, market and in the sales of the album . The composition rights owner who collects remuneration for his piece of work and also has the opportunity to secure synchronization rights of the songs.

 Distribution Mechanism:

Out of all the departments and components of the music industry the most important is that of the distribution of the album. Today with the advent of digital marketing, promotion and sales of the albums, the level and form of distribution mechanism has seen drastic change. It is impertinent to remain in focus and limelight to make sure that you are alive in the market with some good albums releasing frequently to delight and hold back the fan following. Live Performances is one way of creating a strong bondage between the music lovers.


It is essential for an independent music maker to know the key components that make up the music industry.

The representatives and executives who take care .