What We Offer

We are a music label company who has been in the industry for almost a decade. We have seen the emergence of new trends and technologies in the music industry and have been very fast in adapting to the changes. We have a strong knowledge of the structure that the music industry operates upon and this gives us an edge over the others.

Apart from production of our own music albums, we also offer a lot of services to independent music makers who enter into this field with lot of aspirations and ambitions. The music industry has a lot of components that has to be understood in order to succeed and we help the new comers understand these requisites. We help the creators with various aspects like providing them with technical expertise and the equipments and technology to create their albums. We also help them in entering into contract with third parties who would buy their work and promote it under their banner.

Most of the times we purchase their work and release their work under our own album. We provide a good remuneration for the creator and also help him find good recognition and fame in the music industry, which is very important to succeed and paves way for his future productions.

We have a separate A & R department responsible for selecting the best talents in the market and groom them into stars in them music industry. This way we create a brand value for the new found talent, which in turn increases the brand value of our company as well. We have successfully created hundreds of artists who are now flying high in the industry. With a strong team under each department, we concentrate on new talent creation and effective promotion, which makes us the best and reliable music label company for both aspiring artists as well as music lovers.


It is essential for an independent music maker to know the key components that make up the music industry.

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